Active Week

It’s that time of year again – Active Week!!

The events are as follows

June 9th – Soccer Blitz for 6th Class and Playground games – 5th Class teaching games to Junior classes

June 10th – Playground Games and 4th Class School Tour

June 13th – Parents Sports Day @1pm

June 14th – School Sports Day

June 15th – 3rd Class School Tour  and Novelty games

June 16th – 5th Class School Tour and PE with another Class

June 17th – Teachers VS 6th Class Rounders

Please bring plenty of water to drink and apply sunscreen before school and wear a flag

Fit February – week 3 exercises

Wake Up February

Week 3 (15th-17th Feb) 5min work out to start our day.


Jog on the spot for 45 seconds


15 sec rest


Tuck Jumps for 45 seconds (raising knees as high as you can)


15 sec rest


Side-to-Side jumps for 45 sec (as if jumping over an imaginary stick on the floor)


15 sec rest


Mountain Climbers for 45 sec (hands on floor, pumping legs)


15 sec rest


60 sec – Stretch arms across chest, stretch arms to the floor stretch arms above head and stand on tiptoes. Slow down with breathing in and out exercise.