Amber Flag

We are very excited to announce that here at St. Colman’s National School, we are embarking on a new adventure. Following on from the success of the Gaelbhratach Flag, Active Flag and Green School Flag Initiatives, we are now taking on the challenge of obtaining an Amber Flag.

The Amber Flag aims to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for all the children in the school. Positive mental health means feeling good in your body and your mind, getting on well with others, feeling grateful for everything you have, enjoying life and feeling proud of the special person that you are. Positive mental health is important to us as it enables us to lead happy, fulfilling lives. The Amber Flag encourages everyone to be caring and considerate to one another and bring an improvement in our wellbeing.

We have been working on some great ideas during the year and will continue to nurture the wellbeing of all our pupils, staff and parents through our Amber Flag work.

Amber Flag Committee

We have formed an Amber Flag Committee. This committee is led by student representatives from Ms Wall’s 1st/2nd class and Ms O’Sullivan’s 5th/6th class. Ms M. Kearney is coordinating this new initiative who works with fellow teacher representatives Ms. Wall, Ms M. O’Sullivan, Ms Hazelwood, Ms Maloney, Ms Lawton and an SNA representative Jemma. We meet regularly and bring forward any suggestions or ideas from the children in the school, ensuring this initiative is inclusive for all.