Bio-D Rap

This is our rap song Bio-D! It was written by Ms Long and recorded by local musician David Quirke and performed by students of our school: Molly, Darragh, Yosef, Adam, Duane, Gabriel, Eoin, Caoilte, Meadhbh, Muireann, Shauna and Isabelle, as part of our sixth Green flag biodiversity. Have a listen, watch our video, dance to the beat and learn about biodiversity!

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National Tree Week 2019

We are over half ways through National Tree Week 2019 and we are learning lots about trees!

On Wednesday we planted a rowan tree, also known as a mountain ash.The tree was kindly donated to the school by The Tree Council of Ireland, Cork County Council, through its environmental Awareness Office and Heritage Unit. We chose this tree because in spring you’ll find clusters of creamy-white flowers, followed by orange-red berries in autumn. The Rowan is important for biodiversity because the leaves are eaten by caterpillars of moths. The flowers provide pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects and the berries are a rich source of food for birds, especially blackbird and thrushes.

On the day, the Green Schools committee welcomed two lucky children from each class to witness our new tree being planted. As well as this, we had Michael O’Brien, past principal of Cloyne, along with Helen Lynch, a past teacher of Cloyne, as special guests at our ceremony.

My Tree by Lemore Hetrick.

  Now I will plant this little tree!

Forever and ever it belongs to me.

When it grows up I will wipe my eyes –

To see my tree against the skies.

A great, tall, living thing I shall see,

And how glad I will feel that it’s my tree.

Calvin Jones from Heritage in Schools visited our school twice in October. He explored types of biodiversity that exist not only Ireland but our schoolyard, with the children from 1st to 2nd class. We had lots of fun exploring and found a variety of living things. Here are some photos of 5th class exploring biodiversity.

Thank you, Calvin!