Tree Week

National Tree Week 2019 runs from March 31st–7th April

 Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council of Ireland since 1985 is a week long programme of events to celebrate trees.

 We are getting involved by planting a new tree in the school grounds and we will be sharing facts on trees with childrenover the week. 

 Here are some ideas on how you can get involved in National Tree Week:

 Check out the National Tree Week or Tree Council of Ireland website and learn more about trees and events happening for the week.
 Celebrate the week by planting a tree in your garden or in the local community.
 Clean up your local woodland. 
 Take some time to read a book about trees or find out more about their characteristics or their uses. 
 Learn to identify trees in your neighbourhood.
 Enjoy the outdoors. Visit a local forest or park or take a nature walk and enjoy!