Biodiversity Action Day – 7th February 2020

We had a fantastic Action Day for our Biodiversity Flag on the 7th of February. The children had a fun-filled, educational and energetic day from start to finished. It began with a WOW walk to school. We had three walking buses with a large number of children and parents in each. Thank you to everyone who participated especially Catherina Blackmore, Carol Carroll and Maria O’Brien for leading the buses.

2nd class to 6th class did an orienteering style Treasure Hunt around the school grounds where they found labelled trees and habitats created as part of the Green Schools committee’s work. The children were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed finding and learning about the new additions to our school grounds. We hope we have sparked a new interest in many of our students: to be aware of and helpful to our biodiversity.

Every class made pledges about how they will help our environment and support local biodiversity. This was followed by an inspirational video by Greta Thunberg, who we hope the children will have connected with by seeing the difference young people can make in the world.

Finally, and arguably the highlight of many people’s day, we had an assembly. We enjoyed 5th class reciting a biodiversity poem, written by their classmate, Fionn Wenham, which was fun and informative. This was followed by a performance of our biodiversity rap song by students from 6th class. The performance was full of personality, fun and charisma and was enjoyed by all, including the performers!

It was a hugely enjoyable day and really show cased the hard work that has been done over the last two years by the Green Schools, while also being an inclusive day for the whole school in the flag. This was our final step in our application for the Biodiversity flag so we are hopeful that we will be successful during our renewal day when a coordinator will decide if we deserve the award. We would like to give a huge thank you to all the children, staff and wider school community who were involved in today!