Pedal Cinema Ditty

Pedal Cinema Ditty by John McGillicuddy

St. Colmans National School is thrilling,

It may even deserve a medal,

Though, right now sponsorship needs filling,

And people who are prepared to pedal.


The kids will see that cycling’s groovy,

Eight people a time will power  a screen,

So that they all can watch a movie,

Maybe one they’ve never seen?


Come Moms and Dads, Uncles, Aunts,

Join this worthy cause we’re touting,

Please do not say you can’t,

Jump on bikes, no use pouting.


Sixty people are required,

To get the movie completed,

The projectionist may be fired,

But cyclists must not be defeated.





Pedal harder people never quit,

The children must see their flick,

In your lycra show your grit,

Even if your bones go click.


There’ll be treats galore at this gig

Mystery guests are on the list,

Maybe they might dance a jig,

Or with our cyclists co-exist?


The sponsor cards are going fast,

With people signing up to help,

Better hurry don’t be last,

Although the effort makes you yelp.


It’s for the children after all,

And isn’t that what it’s about,

All efforts welcome however small,

And for St Colmans we all shout!