Mission Statement

St. Colman’s N.S. (Scoil Cholmáin) is a co-educational Primary School which has a catholic ethos but children of other religions are welcome. Click to download enrolment form here: St. Colman’s N.S. Enrolment Form

Mission Statement

The mission of our school is to provide a comprehensive, inclusive and accessible education for all. We aim to enable all our pupils to develop to their full potential, academically, spiritually, socially, morally and physically. We are committed to providing a safe, happy and caring environment which is free from discrimination, harassment or bullying for all staff and pupils.

Routines and General Information

  • School begins at 9am. It is important that the children develop the habit of being punctual for school. Children who are in the yard prior to 9am are not the responsibility of any member of staff. On wet days, doors are opened at 8.50am and children are supervised in the hall.
  • Children have a short break at 11am for 10 minutes. Lunch break is at 12.30pm for 30 minutes. See Supervision Policy
  • Junior and Senior infants are dismissed at 1.40pm. Infants are not allowed go home on their own unless this is specifically requested in writing by parents. Those collecting infants are asked to be in the school yard prior to 1.40 so as not to cause unnecessary anxiety. Teachers will ensure they see each infant being collected. All other pupils are dismissed at 2.40pm.
  • Pupils who bring bicycles to school are asked to alight at the gates of the school.
  • If parents wish their child to go home for lunch, a signed consent form is required.
  • In the event of a pupil being absent for whatever reason, the class teacher should be informed in writing on the pupil’s return to school.
  • All children should have their names on their coats, jumpers, books etc.
  • Children are frequently given notes/letters to bring home. Parents of younger children are encouraged to check children’s schoolbags daily.
  • The school is a Health Promoting School and promotes a healthy eating policy.
  • The school uniform/school tracksuit is worn on all days.
  • Accidents in school – See School Accident Policy.
  • There is a facility for parents to take out insurance to cover medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident. Details of this scheme are circulated in June and September each year.
  • Homework – See School Homework Policy.
  • Parents may request a meeting with a teacher by contacting the secretary or by sending a note to the teacher stating the purpose of the meeting, thus allowing the class teacher prepare for the meeting.
  • Formal Parent Teacher Meetings are held in early December each year.
  • A meeting for the new Junior Infants and their parents is held each May.
  • Meetings are held in connection with the preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation.
  • Each child, to whom the Education Welfare Act applies (i.e. those between the ages of 6 and 16), is obliged to attend school every day on which the school is in operation unless there is a reasonable excuse for not attending. The school authorities are obliged to notify the Education Welfare Officer when a child is absent for 20 days or more during any school year.
  • Religion – The Ethos of the school is Roman Catholic but children of other denominations are welcomed and treated equally.

General information about St. Colman’s N.S.

The present school was built in 1972. A major extension was completed in 2009. Refurbishment work in the older section of the school in 2010 completed the upgrade. The present enrolment is 207 (September 2010).

Presently the school has 7 classrooms, 4 support rooms, the Millennium Library, secretary’s office, Principal’s office, general purpose hall, staff toilets and a toilet adapted for use by wheelchair users. Each classroom has toilets for pupil use.

A major I.T. upgrade was completed in 2010. Each classroom is now equipped with an interactive projector/whiteboard and a visualiser. 3 classrooms have sound systems. Each teacher has a teaching laptop and 16 laptops are available for the pupils.

There is a strong tradition of Gaelic Games, particularly hurling, in Cloyne. The school encourages participation in sports. Each year the boys and girls participate in the Sciath na Scol and Mini-Sevens Gaelic Games Competitions. An Ash grove at the back of the school was planted in memory of Christy Ring, the great Cloyne and Cork hurler.