World Bee Day

Celebrating World Bee Day!
Help care for our bees and their health by:

  • planting bee-friendly plants.
  • refraining where possible from using pesticides.
  • offering a habitat for them – such as an insect hotel or shallow water.

Did you know?….

  • Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million years.
  • Bees use their antennae to smell. They can detect nectar 2km away.
  • On one flight from the hive to collect honey, a honey bee will visit
    between 50 and 100 flowers.
  • A bee must visit about four million flowers to produce 1kg of honey.
  • One beehive of honey bees can produce up to 150kg of honey per
  • Worker bees produce about 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in their

First Holy Communion

St. Colman’s Second Class boys and girls will receive their First Holy Communion this Saturday May 18th. Best wishes to all children involved and their families. Thank you to Ms Bresnihan and Mrs Galvin who have prepared the First Communion Class and to Fr. Pat our parish priest. We hope you have a lovely day!

Walk to School Week 2019

Next week is Walk to School Week 2019. We are inviting everyone to celebrate the week, which takes place from Monday, May 13th to Friday, May 17th. by walking or park n’ striding to school with your child. Walk to School week celebrates the environmental, health, social and financial benefits of active travel on the school journey

Wednesday 15th is national WOW day and we will hold a WOW supervised by parents at 3 different meeting points. (Weather permitting).

There will be three meeting points where the ‘buses’ will leave from.

Point 1: (for children living in Pairc na Habhainn estates, Cois na Crainn or Ballinacurra direction)

The Great Wall Restaurant @ 8.40am

Contact person leading the bus: Maria O’Brien

Point 2: (for children living in Cloyne Meadows and Churchtown south direction)

Car park by the Round Tower @8.40am

Contact person leading the bus: Catherina Blackmore

Point 3: (for children living in Traonach or Whitegate direction)

Outside Traonach @8.40 am

Contact person leading the bus: Donna Dempsey

Buses will meet at 8.40am and set off at 8.45am to walk to school. Children living closer to the school than the meet up points can join the buses along the way. All welcome – remember to wear your Hi-Viz vest!