School Warden

A school warden was recently appointed to St. Colman’s N.S., Cloyne. The crossing is manned from 8.30 am until 9 am each morning to allow children to cross the road safely and from 2.30 pm until 3 pm each afternoon to allow children to cross the road safely when going home. This is not a zebra crossing, but the school warden, Angela Geary, will be crossing people at this location. Her job is to ensure that children and adults alike, cross the road safely, and to prevent accidents. She will be present at the set location in the mornings and afternoons to help people to travel safely to and from school. It is much safer and faster if you cross at this location, rather than down the street.

On Thursday 28th of November, Caroline Casey, from the Road Safety Authority came to speak to the children of 3rd to 6th class about Angela and her job. She showed us the signs that Angela uses and what they mean; If Angela holds the sign down it means that she is not crossing people, and is waiting for them to come along. If she is holding the sign at an upwards angle it means that she is going to be stopping cars and that it is not safe to cross yet. When she holds the sign outwards she is stopping cars, if you are driving come to a stop, and wait until Angela returns to the footpath before moving. When the cars have come to a stop, Angela will walk onto the road and hold her sign upwards and say, “Safe to cross.” Only now is it safe to cross and the people waiting can cross the road. 

Caroline told us that the crossing is for everyone and prompted the staff to use the crossing too. She showed us a wonderful powerpoint about how to stay safe while crossing the road with Angela and what the signs mean. She proceeded to take us outside for a practice and to test what we had learned. Everyone crossed the road safely with the help of Angela and followed the guidelines that Caroline Casey had told us. She also spoke to us about how we can help Angela, and make her job as easy as possible.

• Always use the Safe Cross Code

• Slowing down when approaching the school

• Not parking in yellow boxes or on double yellow lines

• Using the set down area to drop children to school

• Wearing high visibility vests when walking to school

• Crossing with Angela instead of up the street

• Practising sensible and respectful behaviour while waiting to cross

• Respect the School warden and other road users

By Saoirse Bhreathnach, Sixth Class, St. Colman’s N.S., Cloyne