Proclamation Day – Lá an Forógra

March 15th 2016 is a very important day in St. Colman’s, the Department of Education has designated this day as “Proclamation Day”. As part of the Ireland 2016 Commemoration Programme all schools have been asked to commemorate and reflect upon the events of 100 years ago.  We, at St. Colman’s will mark “Proclamation Day ” with a short ceremony at 11:20am on Tuesday.  The ceremony will include the Raising of the our National Flag and Reading 1916 Proclamation.

1916 Proclamation
1916 Proclamation

As part of the commemoration the children of St. Colman’s National School have written 2016 Proclamation with their hopes from the future and this will be read on the day.

St. Colman’s National School 2016 New Proclamation

Each family received the 2016 St. Colman’s Proclamation and the badge below as a memento of the day.



Check out our prezi presentation, each class contributed to the above 2016 Proclamation

St. Colman’s NS Cloyne Proclamation


Some of the children’s work

junior infant IMG_5161 IMG_5173 IMG_5172 IMG_5168 IMG_5165 IMG_5164 IMG_5163 IMG_5162


Photos of ceremony in gallery

Videos of Proclamation Day


Ireland is ……

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