Presentation of Irish Flag.

We had a very special day today at St. Colman’s National School. We had a visit from the Irish Naval Service. Petty Officer Kara Moloney, Sub Lieutenant Daniel Cagney and Lieutenant  Commander Brian Dempsey from the Irish Naval Service were joined by Trooper Ian Cotter from the Irish Army. Brian is a parent of Darragh, Eoin and Saoirse who are pupils of St. Colman’s.

Our visitors were telling us about a special day 100 years ago. They told us about people who had a vision to make things better and asked us how we can make Ireland better for the future. We also learned about their uniform and the jobs they do.

Our guests presented us with our own Irish flag, the tricolour. They presented this to our sixth class pupils. We will unfurl this at a special ceremony on 15th March 2016 along with every other primary school in the country. Thank you to our visitors today for their wonderful interaction with our children.


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The Blackmore Family, Fergus is also a member of the Naval Service.

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Cailíní ó Rang a ceathair brought in some memorabilia from their “Grandparent’s Collection”.

Christmas Craft Fair

The Christmas craft fair will take place on the 17th December in the school hall. The following are the times that the classes will be allowed to go to the craft fair:

9.15: Miss. Beecher

9.35: Miss. Power

9.55: Mr. Quinlan

10.15: Mr. McCarthy


11.10: Miss O’Callaghan

11.30: Mr. McGrath

11.50: Mr. Collins

12.10: Miss. Kearney


1.05: Mrs. O’ Keeffe

School Plays

Tis the season to be jolly and the children, teachers and parents have been busy practising lines, songs and putting together costumes. The children will be having their plays on the following days and times:

Fri 18th December: Mr Quinlan’s class perform at 10.15am.

Mr McCarthy’s class perform at 2.00pm.

Ms O’ Callaghan’s class perform at 2.00pm.


Mon 21st December: Ms Beecher’s class perform at 9.15am.

Ms Power’s class perform at 1.10pm.


We hope you enjoy them!