Infant Christmas Plays

Here are some lovely pictures of the infants performing their Christmas Plays. Enjoy!

CIMG0599 CIMG0598 CIMG0597 CIMG0596 CIMG0595CIMG0600 CIMG0601 CIMG0602 CIMG0603 CIMG0604 CIMG0605 CIMG0608 CIMG0609 CIMG0611 CIMG0612 CIMG0613 CIMG0655 CIMG0656 CIMG0657 CIMG0658 CIMG0659 CIMG0660 CIMG0661 CIMG0662 CIMG0663 CIMG0664 CIMG0666 CIMG0669 CIMG0670 CIMG0671 CIMG0672 CIMG0673 CIMG0674 CIMG0675 CIMG0676 CIMG0677 CIMG0678 CIMG0679 CIMG0680 CIMG0681 CIMG0683 CIMG0684 CIMG0686 CIMG0687 CIMG0688 CIMG0689 CIMG0690 CIMG0691 CIMG0692 CIMG0695 CIMG0696 CIMG0697 CIMG0698 CIMG0699 CIMG0700 CIMG0702