Freaky WOW Walk

Freaky WOW Walk

On Thursday 25th of October children are invited to walk to school wearing a Halloween costume to make it a Freaky WOW! Children can stay in their costume for the rest of the day in school, but we ask that your child wears appropriate footwear and children not to wear a mask. Also, we are asking children to bring a donation of €1 with them on the day to help fund workshops and other Green Schools activities. If you can’t make the walk, children are still welcome to dress up.

Parents can bring their children to the meeting areas for the walking buses and can either leave their children with the walking bus or can walk with their children as part of the bus to the school.

There will be two meeting points where the ‘buses’ will leave from.

Point 1: (for children living in Pairc na Habhainn estates, Cois na Crainn or Ballinacurra direction)

The Great Wall Restaurant @ 8.40am

Contact person leading the bus: Maria O’Brien

Point 2: (for children living in Traonach or Whitegate direction)

Outside Traonach @8.40 am

Contact person leading the bus: Donna Dempsey

Buses will meet at 8.40am and set off at 8.45am to walk to school. Children living closer to the school than the meet up points can join the buses along the way. Participation is greatly appreciated.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2018

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 2018

Many vulnerable children all over the world do not receive Christmas gifts. The shoebox appeal gives gifts to these children. For many of these children it is the first gift they will ever receive. St. Colman’s N.S. had taken part in this appeal over the past few years. All you have to do is fill a shoebox and return to school. These shoeboxes will then be sent all over the world.

How to fill:

1. Grab a Shoe box  Wrap the box and lid separately with Christmas paper.
2. Label box for either a girl or boy and for what age group 2 – 4 years, 4 – 9 years or 10 – 14 years – leaflets will be sent home next week.
3. Fill the box  Be creative: 4 W’s – WRITE – pencils, crayons, colouring books, copies WASH  toothbrush, toothpaste, soap (wrapped), facecloth, comb WEAR hat, scarf gloves, socks WOW yo-yo, skipping rope, doll, ball, teddy, small musical instrument, sweets (in date until 03/2019) 

What not to include: Liquids (shampoo, bubbles, drinks), chocolate, sharp objects, scary things war related, masks), breakables, medicines, large clothing items, battery operated toys.

4. Close the box  Include €4 in your leaflet envelope either on top of the gifts or taped to the inside of the lid – this helps with shipment and for all this to happen. Put an elastic band around the lid – please don’t seal with tape as contents need to be checked to comply with regulations.
5. Drop it off  to school
 Closing date: Thursday 8th November 

School Garden

A big thank you to the parents and grandparents who helped out in the garden on Monday. What a beautiful evening it was! We hope to meet again next Monday 22nd at 3 pm weather permitting so if any parents/guardians/grandparents/aunts/uncles have free time we would really appreciate the help and ideas💡.


School Garden

We are looking for volunteers from our school community to volunteer in the School Garden.
On Monday, October 15th at 3 pm we are having a “Garden Tidy Up Evening” (Adults only)
We would like to replace the raised beds and prepare the ground for planting later in the year.
If you are available and would like to become part of our “Garden Committee”, please return the note that went home today and come along on the 15th with your garden tools and ideas!
This year we will be working in conjunction with the “Green Schools Committee” as they work towards the Biodiversity Flag.
We would love to see parents/guardians, grandparents, aunt’s, uncle’s or relations get involved!!!

Green Schools

The Green Schools will be working on the Biodiversity theme for the next two years. Biodiversity is the huge variety & variation of life that surrounds us, from the
tiniest flower in your garden to the biggest whales in the sea. As part of this flag, we will be studying and improving the biodiversity on our school grounds. Gardening will be part of this. We are looking for parents to be part of our committee who have an interest in this area to help us to achieve our flag and raise the awareness of diversity among our students.

If you would be interested in being part of the Green Schools committee, please speak to Ms Long or Ms. McCarthy.