St. Colman’s NS 6th Class 2019/20 School Year Calendar – Junior Entrepreneur

On May 22nd 6th Class in St. Colman’s NS held a Calendar Showcase.  Pupils, parents and staff attended the showcase. Here is our Junior Entrepreneur journey and launch our exclusive

St. Colman’s National 2019/20 School Year Calendar.


Chapter One – Opening the door to Entrepreneurship

At the start of our Junior Entrepreneur Programme, we explored what being an entrepreneur is.  We started locally by exploring the businesses in Cloyne such as Mrs Macs shop and Harty Solicitors.

Then we went national and researched entrepreneurs including Dyson, Victoria Beckham and many others.

Chapter Two – Exploring New Ideas

We got into teams and we brainstormed different ideas of products that we could make or services that we could provide.

Next, we designed and developed five different products and services.  These included:

  1. Handy case – a special case for your phone that would stop it from breaking.
  2. Cakelicious – selling delicious cakes, including gluten-free cakes.
  3. Birthday Bumps Calendar – designing a school calendar with photos of the children in their birthday month.
  4. Book Club Bakers – designing a cookbook that would include recipes for special dietary requirements.
  5. Valentine’s Cards – designing handmade cards for Valentine’s Day


Chapter Three – A Business Visitor to the Classroom

We wrote a letter to invite Lucy’s Dad, Paraic, to speak to us about being an entrepreneur.

On the 25th of January, Paraic came in and he gave us great advice and information on being an entrepreneur. Paraic was inspirational and helpful.  He answered all our questions enthusiastically. Some advice that he gave us was,

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  2. Set up a business for the enjoyment rather than the money.
  3. Everyone makes mistakes

Chapter Four – Will the idea work?

Unfortunately, we could only create one product or service.  Therefore, we had to pitch our ideas to the Dragons and see which one they thought would be the most achievable and creative.  We designed posters to help us pitch our ideas.

The 3 dragons were Paraic, Ms O’Brien and Ms long.  Every group made a persuasive argument to convince the Dragons that their product or service was the best.  It was a tough call for the dragons but after much deliberation, they picked the birthday bumps calendar.


The dragons kindly gave all the groups feedback.  They thought the calendar was the best product because it would involve the whole school community and it was very unique.  They suggested that the calendar would be for a school year, from August to June.



Chapter Five – Roles and Responsibilities

We examined our talents and decided how we could use these to help us make the calendar be successful.  We divided up into 5 teams.

  1. Design and Production
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Storytelling

Here are some of the things we did in our teams.

Chapter Six – Making it all Happen

We sent a survey home with pupils to find out what people wanted in the calendar.  It emerged that people wanted a good quality calendar, with a photo of every class per month.  In addition, they wanted the special school dates marked in and for it to be sold at a reasonable price.  Their wish was our command!

Chapter Seven – Making the Calendar

The design of the calendar was very important and we decided to take a photo of every class for each month. To make it unique we gave each class a theme to dress up in.  With the help of Angela Geary and Katie Eyre, we were able to make backdrops and props to enhance our photos.  Mairéad kindly obliged us and took the wonderful photos.  Here is a snapshot of the day of the photoshoot.

Chapter Eight – Printing the Calendar

We had a tough job narrowing 300 photos down to 12!  After designing the front and back cover, Ben and Lucyna went to Print Profile in Midleton and told them what we wanted our final design to look like.

We also designed flyers, posters and advertisements that you can see around the school, in the Evening Echo and on social media to persuade people to buy our calendar.


Chapter Nine – Launch of the Calendar

Today we are launching our special calendar.  St. Colman’s National School Calendar is exclusive and vibrant.  It has photos of the majority of pupils in the school, special themes and the important school dates marked in.  We will be taking orders for the calendar at the front of the school before school starts, when the infants go home and when school finishes from the 29th of May.  The calendar will cost €10 and you will need to pay a €5 deposit to order the calendar.  There is limited availability so please tell all your family and friends to avoid disappointment.

We would like to say a huge thank you to every child and their parents for the enormous effort they put into dressing up on the day and providing props.  Our calendar is unique and special because of you.

We would also like to say a very special thank you and make a small presentation to a number of people for sharing their time and talents with us.


  • Ms O’Brien for being a Dragon and supporting our initiatives.
  • Ms Long for being a Dragon and bringing us to the local businesses for sponsorship.
  • Ms Mears for bringing us to the local businesses for sponsorship and reminding people to drop in their advertisements and money.
  • Ms Hanley for helping us to promote our product in every way possible.
  • Paraic for sharing his wisdom and knowledge and for being a Dragon.
  • Katie Eyre for helping us design the props.
  • Mairéad for being a rock through it all. From offering advice on the design, arranging and taking the most wonderful photos to remind people to drop in advertisements and money.
  • Angela Geary for going above and beyond to help us in every way possible. From offering her fabulous advice and creative ideas, sharing her props and helping design the props to giving up her time to help on the day of the photoshoot.


Finally, míle buíochas do gach duine for your support and encouragement during our Junior Entrepreneur journey.  We hope selling the calendar will be as successful as producing it.