Food Dudes is an award – winning science – based healthy eating programme designed to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables. It works by encouraging children to change their attitudes towards healthy eating and cultivating a liking for fresh fruit and vegetables.

We are excited to be taking part in this initiative by Bord Bia starting Monday 4th March – Parental Consent Letters going home today – PLEASE READ

Phase 1 starts March 4th

  • Junior classes will receive portions of fruit and vegetables for 16 days – 1 fruit and 1 vegetable per day.
  • Senior classes will receive portions of fruit and vegetables for 8 days – 1 fruit and 1 vegetable per day.
  • Keep an eye out as pupils will receive letters, stickers or rewards each day – to earn a sticker/reward your child must try both fruit and vegetable. 
  • Your child will be encouraged to try each fruit and vegetable each day
  • Fruit and vegetables not eaten in school will go home in lunch boxes.

Phase 2 – Maintenance Phase

Phase 2 begins once phase 1 finishes for your child. Phase 2 encourages children to bring in different fruit and vegetables from home in the lunchbox containers that will be provided by Food Dudes. A class wall chart monitors each pupil’s intake of fruit and vegetables – children will work towards receiving Food Dudes certificates – your child will need to bring in a portion of each to receive a tick on the wall chart as it monitors fruit and vegetable consumption. It could be as simple as lettuce in a sandwich, tomatoes or sweetcorn mixed with pasta – share your ideas with each other, be creative!

During Phase 2 we will also receive 5 additional deliveries of fruit and vegetables – dates to follow.

  • Please encourage your child to take part – Remember the more exposure your child has to a healthy lifestyle the more likely they will develop healthy patterns for life.
  • We will let you know the previous day what fruit and vegetable your child will receive. This will be displayed on the entrance doors to the school.