Motivation May

Nollaigh O’ Neill

This weeks #MotivationMay speaker was Nollaigh O’ Neill. Nollaigh runs with Lee Vale Athletic Club. Nollaigh finished in top 10 female runners in 2007 in Cork City Marathon 26.2miles. She came 6th in Dublin City Marathon in 2012. In 2013 Nollaigh came 1st in International Lanzarote Marathon in a time of 2hours 52mins. In 2014 she ran CorkCity Marathon for 2nd time and came 2nd in a time of 2 hours 50mins and last year (2015) Nollaigh won the Cork City Marathon.  The boys and girls had lots of questions for Nollaigh. Nollaigh is now preparing for this years Cork City Marathon and all in St. Colman’s would like to wish Nollaigh the very best of  luck on June 6th

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Gerry O’ Dwyer

Today’s speaker as part of #MotivationMay was Gerry O’ Dwyer – he spoke to pupils about what motivated him to complete an ironman – 3.86 km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km run. He spoke about his determination to complete all distances and how he trained for it. He also spoke to pupils about his work with the Irish cycling team. Pupils were very interested and asked Gerry many questions. Thank you Gerry; you really motivated all ages today and showed pupils to keep going even if they feel like giving up!

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Motivation May Week 2

On Monday, 9th May, Jerry O’ Dwyer will visit St Colman’s N.S to give a motivational talk to the pupils. Jerry is a sports therapist and has worked with a lot of inspirational people including the Irish Cycling Team. We are looking forward to his talk.


Rachel Allen

Today, Tuesday 3rd May, Rachel Allen visited the school to give a motivational talk to all
in school. All children really enjoyed the visit and it was the talk of the school for the whole day. We wish to thank Rachel Allen for joining us today and for the lovely gift of her book Coast that she left for us at the school! Here are some pictures of the talk.

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Motivation May Week 1


As we say goodbye to “Aerobics April”, we say “hello”, to “Motivation May”, which begins next Tuesday 3rd May with Rachel Allen who will be giving a motivational talk to all classes. On Thursday 5th May, Fiona Harrington, The Active School Flag Accreditor, will visit the school to evaluate our efforts towards getting The Active School Flag for St. Colman’s N.S.