What is a School Book Rental Scheme and how does it benefit both parents / pupils?

SBRSs are the most effective method of keeping the costs of school books to a minimum for parents and pupils. The school purchases the textbooks, workbooks and stationery up front then the pupils rent the books over a number of years. SBRSs greatly reduce the amount of money spent by parents each year on books. Parents no longer have to go through the hassle of purchasing and covering books. Pupils have access to a much wider range of textbooks as the school will purchase additional class texts / online packages.

How will it work? The School and SBRS committee will source, cover and catalogue the books required for each year. In return for an annual fee, each child will receive the required books in September in time for the academic year.

Is there a Security Deposit

To join the scheme a security deposit of €15.00 is payable per pupil.  This deposit carries forward to the following and subsequent years once all books are returned in good condition at the end of the year.  If books are lost or damaged, a percentage or all of this deposit will be retained to cover such cost. Full compensation will be required before re-admission to the scheme is permitted. The deposit will be returned at the end of 6th class or if a pupil should leave the scheme once all rented books are returned safely.

What is the rental cost? Is this an annual or a once off fee? A rental charge of €55.00 per pupil per year will apply.

This must be paid in full by beginning of June prior to the start of the academic year in September.

The scheme includes all textbooks, readers, workbooks, homework journal and stationery with a few exceptions namely:

Religion textbooks and workbooks (2nd – 6th classes)

Tin whistles

Pencil Case, Pens, Pencil, Colouring pencils / crayons and markers

Eraser, pencil sharpener and ruler

How/When do I pay? Payment will be collected in June. Deposit and / or fees can be paid by HSB Saving Stamps, Cash or Cheque made payable to Cloyne NS or any combination of the above.

HSB Saving Book/Stamp Scheme- How does it work? This scheme allows you to save towards the yearly cost of School Books, by buying savings stamps at €5 each, weekly, monthly, etc.  Stamps are kept in a Savings Card and redeemed for full or part exchange of the School Book Fee. Stamps are currently for sale each Friday morning from the secretary‘s office in the School.  We will continue to sell stamps each year in order to facilitate families who prefer to spread the cost throughout the school year.

When will my child receive their books? All of your child’s books will be ready in their classroom when school begins in August / September.

What if during the year a book gets damaged or ‘eaten by the dog’? All Books are the property of the SBRS and all books should be returned in the condition they were received, however if a book is lost or damaged it must be replaced by you.

Is the scheme for all pupils and is it optional? Yes the book scheme is for all pupils in the school. If a child were not to participate parents would have to purchase all books that their child would use in class.  This would be costly as outlined below.

What if I don’t pay the Fee? Books cannot be ordered without fees paid as the supplier needs payment. No Fee, no books in September. Families in receipt of back to school allowance may speak to Ms O’Brien in confidence should they not be able to meet the June deadline.

Will the books be covered? Long term text books will be covered, single use books (e.g. Workbooks) will not.

Will my Child be allowed write in his/her workbook?

Yes, workbooks will be used as normal and replaced each year.

Will I own the books? No. All books are the property of the SBRS and all books must be returned to the scheme in June each year. Workbooks will be returned to the child and sent home at the end of the year.


Will I still get a book list in June? Yes a small list of consumables for a pencil case will be sent home. Sacramental workbooks will be advised on in September.

What books are included in the fee? For all classes -Textbooks, Workbooks, Reading / Literacy Books & Stationery, for Junior and Senior classes Junior Hand Hugger/Triangular pencils and crayons will be provided in the classroom eliminating the need for pencil cases.

How is the scheme being funded? The start-up cost was funded by the Parents Association and from time to time they help out with additional support.  The school also received a grant per child from the government. The annual fee per child and bulk buying of books will cover the cost also. Every year new workbooks will need to be purchased and any changes in textbooks the Annual Fee should cover these costs. The scheme is self financing after 4 years. It is expected that new books will need to be purchased every four years due to general wear and tear.

Who is administering the School Book Rental Scheme? The SBRS is being organised by Ms O’Brien, Mrs O’Keeffe, Catherine Blackmore, Hazel Long, Aoife Kavanagh, Siobhan Nally and Donna Dempsey.

What can I do to assist in the successful setup of the scheme? Prompt payment of fees, keep your child’s books in good condition, volunteer for book covering when the call comes.

How do the teachers feel about the SBRS? A SBRS eliminates the normal confusion that can lead to several weeks of lost time for teachers- if children have the incorrect book due to confusion over publishers, difficulty obtaining a particular book, waiting for a reprint etc. Incorrect stationery is very frustrating –  B2 or B4 copies, A11 or A12, Sum copies, Hardback/Reporter’s Notebook, Project Copies, Nature Copies etc. This scheme should ensure a smooth and hassle free transition back to school for all our children and teachers, allowing the new school year to start on time.  There will also be a bank of books available in each classroom for the teachers use all year long.

How will I know how many books my child will receive and can I view the books?

Parents are free to make an appointment to see their child’s books and all books will be available at the beginning of term talk which takes place each September with class teachers.

What if I fill my savings book and we leave the area or emigrate, do I get a refund? Yes

If halfway through the school year, for whatever reason my child leaves the school do I get a refund and what happens to the books? The books are the property of the SBRS and need to be returned to the school. With regard to a refund – this will depend on the circumstances.  If books are in good condition you will receive your deposit back.

Will I know the cost of School Books before I sign up?

Booklists and costs are dependent on many factors – class sizes, teacher allocation, cost of books from suppliers etc.  At the moment we are working towards costing book lists and have the following figures however as teachers are not allocated for September yet and orders are not placed these figures are a rough guide and subject to change:            Jnr: €84.66,  Snr: €85.81,  1st €80.81,  2nd €109.84,  3rd  €107,  4th €105.96,  5th €109.50,  6th €120.