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St. Colman’s N.S. Millennium Library Guidelines



There is more to being a good reader than just being able to read the words accurately. Just as important is being able to understand what has been read. Always talk to your child about the book, about the pictures, the characters, how they think the story will end, their favourite part. You will then be able to see how well they have understood and you will help them to develop good comprehension skills.

The Millennium Library committee has previously arranged story telling days, book fairs, art competitions, visits from authors, theatre visits and historical walks. Last year storyteller Pat Speight aka Pat The Hat visited each class for a storytelling session. Pat told stories and posed some puzzling questions. The children actively engaged with Pat and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

'Working in the Library

It is important that we include our children’s own work in our extensive library collection! To mark St. Colman’s Day 2011 a collection of our children’s own literary work will be put together over the coming school year and bound. Who knows? This may not be your child’s first and only publication.

We are also planning to increase the amount of books available to your children. Many thanks to Mr McCarthy for lending his artistic skill to painting and brightening the library. The students have made the leaves of the tree with the name and author of their favourite book on their handprints.

'Library with artwork


Your child visits the Millennium Library every week. If they take a different book every week of the school year, that’s 34 books. If every book was worth €5 (average) then that’s €170 worth of books. WOW!

'Children Vising the Library

Children will have the opportunity to change their library books once a week. A child may not borrow a book until he/she has returned his/her previous book in the library folder.

The pupils should be encouraged to treat their books with respect and to handle them with care. The folder should be used for carrying the books in their school bag. Damaged folders should be replaced and are available from the school for €1. A replacement fee of €10 will be charged on any books lost or damaged beyond use. All books will be collected before school holidays.

St. Colman’s N.S. Millennium Library Committee

Chairperson: Mr George McGrath
Secretary: Jacqui Hegarty
Treasurer: Ms Patsy O’Mahony
Committee Members:
Ms Mary O’Brien
Mrs Emer Mears
Mrs Norma Murray
Ms Liz Horgan

If parents have questions or ideas in relation to the Millennium Library, please contact a member of the Millennium Library Committee