Book Lists 2016-2017


Children who are in the book rental scheme require the following items for going back to school in August

Junior / Senior Infants – an old t – shirt for art

1st – 6th class inclusive
30cm Ruler
Red & blue pen
Colours for use in school
‘D’ Tin Whistle
Old Art T – shirt

junior infants 2016-2017

senior Infants 2016-2017 Mr. Quinlan

senior infants 2016-2017 Ms. Beecher

1st class 2016-2017 Ms O Callaghan

1st class 2016-2017 Ms Kenneally

2nd class 2016-2017 Ms. O Callaghan

2nd class 2016-2017 Ms Quaide

3rd class 2016-2017

4th class – 2015-2016

5th class 2016-2017

6th class – 2016-2017